Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Fun at the Fruit Stand

Today my boys and I make a stop at a local fruit stand to stock up on fruits and vegtables. We had a great time looking at all the different kinds of fruits and veggies and talking about which ones we liked and which ones we would like to try in the future. One of the many great things about buying at a local fruit stand instead of the grocery store is you can just pick one of something and take it home and try with your children. (Also, since you are buying locally in tends to be cheaper and fresher.)
It also reminded me of when I took the boys blueberry picking and a local farm and how much they enjoyed it. Of course, they ate quite a few more than ever landed in their bucket.
Here is a link to a website to find "you pick" farms in your area


  1. Which fruit stand did you go to? Most of the ones I've been to still ship in their fruits and veggies from out of state.

    (Oh, and a blogging tip... make sure your posts have titles so search engines can find you more easily.)

  2. Thanks for the tip about posting. The fruit stand I went to was on south Florida ave. across from Outback.

  3. Does Auburndale still have their big flea market - best BeefSteak tomatoes I ever had was from there (along with many other fruits and vegetables).

  4. Yes, they do still have it. I haven't been to it, but it is a great idea for a place to explore.

  5. How is Scott Lake doing - has it filled up yet??? I saw your Lake Morton pic - we have pics of my girls feeding the(sometime "mean") geese, many years ago.

  6. I think Scott Lake is still pretty low, but not sure of the status of the sinkhole.
    Yes, we have been chased by the geese before.
    Yesterday though we had nice birds.