Sunday, July 26, 2009

Family Day with a little "Mommy Time" in the morning

Yesterday the day got started with a little alone time for me as I got to go have my hair done while the boys had some "Daddy Time" at the "Lowes Build and Grow Clinic" Yesterday they built helicopters that turned out great. I included a picture of some of their past projects and one of their Lowe's aprons. They looked forward to this everytime we go and always want to know what we will get to build next time.
After lunch and a some browsing in the bookstore for my husband and I and some playing with the train table at the bookstore for the boys we headed home for a movie. (It was too hot to stay outside any longer.) We piled pillows and blankets up and got ready for our movie with one of our favorite movie snacks, Popcorn with M&Ms added, that get nice and melty. We were lucky to find "Kung Fu Panda" at the library last week so after the movie, the house turned into a "Fight Club" (the joys of boys!!!)

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