Tuesday, July 28, 2009

"Target toys and spys"

Yesterday I started a chore chart for all 3 of my boys. Alex has been asking for a new Thomas the train incessantly lately and we don't buy our boys many toys throughout the year in between birthdays and Christmas so I thought I would try to let them earn money by doing age appropriate chores. Today we decided to go to Target to walk through the toy aisles to see how much they needed to earn to get the new toy they wanted. It is nice that we can walk the toy aisles and check out the new latest and greatest toys without having tantrums and fits to take things home.
I did notice that Target is starting their summer toy clearance so I may go back without the boys to start to stock up for Christmas.
It is awesome that our children can use their imaginations and have fun even while shopping with Mom at Target. Jack told me that his "rivals" were watching his every move and we needed to hurry so I convinced him you don't always need to run away but you have to be sneaky. After saying that, the rest of the time in Target all the boys and myself pretended to sneak around corners and watch out for the spys and bad guys!

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