Thursday, July 23, 2009

Feeding the Local Wildlife and Drive In Movies

I am sure no matter where you live you have a local lake, river or park that has some wildlife that would love some "lunch". Today my boys and I met some friends at a local lake,
Lake Morton and shared some bread with the local bird population. It is a fun way to get outdoors with your children.

Today I saw an ad in the paper for the Drive In Movies and it caught my attention because they were playing the new kids' movie coming out, G-Force. I haven't thought about doing a drive in movie with my kids before so I checked out the website,, and the prices were $1 for kids ages 4-10 and $4 for over 10. Here is the link to find a Drive in Theatre in your area


  1. I never knew there was a drive-in theater in Lakeland! Thanks for sharing... might be fun for a date night now that we have a babysitter!

    Oh, and we LOVE feeding the ducks!

  2. I thought about taking the boys to the drive in a few weeks ago..its just so late! Maybe in the winter the show times will be earlier?-Adria