Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Fun at the Bartow Library

Today we had a fun morning at the Bartow Library. We went to their Super Summer Show featuring Katie Adams' Make Believe Theater. It was a cool show with Star stories about Greek Myths using shadow puppets. I found more about her here;

Jack was once again lucky and got to be called up to be her assistant.

After the show, it looked like it might storm soon, but we wanted to spend a few minutes outside exploring. It has been raining so much lately, that we have felt cooped up at home the past few days. We actually went behind the library and saw a wild cat living below the library (too fast to get a picture of him) and we found a Memorial Garden with pretty flowers and butterflies.

Then, we stopped to throw some sticks and rocks into the lake behind the library and are pretty sure we saw some turtles sticking their heads up out of the water.

Finally, we stopped at the Statue of Liberty for a Photo opportunity and then walked along Veterans' walk where they have listed local War Heroes and the wars in which they fought for our country.

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