Friday, July 6, 2012

Frugal Friday

Wow, we had a lot of fun and adventures this Friday with spending very little money!!

First, we started at The Lake Mirror Center for the FREE Lakeland Public Library Summer Show.  Here is a link to check out their upcoming shows;

The show today was The Reactory Factory. They were fun and up beat and combined learning and music. Jack even got called on stage to assist and it was really funny when they changed his voice from really HIGH to really LOW!!

About half way through the boys were loosing interest, I think The Reactory Factory is more geared to a younger crowd so we snuck out during a dance number and then, went exploring around Lake Mirror and Hollis Gardens...

After our adventures outside, we headed to Chick fil A to cool off and get some Free lunch and treats for the boys using coupons they had received for good grades from school and for reading from the Mulberry Library's Summer Program.!/events/478788562147524/

What did you do for FREE today?

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