Monday, August 3, 2009

Vacation Bible School and Zoo Memberships

Today my boys started another Vacation Bible School. This is the 2nd one they have done this summer and they love it. I just wanted to remind you all to check the churches in your community for Vacation Bible school programs. I have noticed that even though the summer is almost over that there are still programs going on. These VBS programs tend to be relatively cheap or free, the one they are doing this week was $5 for each child for the whole week. I have noticed that some churches do morning programs and some do evening programs and even include dinner for the children or the whole family.

This weekend we traveled to visit some friends and while we were there we went to their local zoo. I just wanted to suggest zoos as a great family outing, it isn't cheap, but with the purchase of a family pass it makes it reasonable. Also, most zoos honor passes from other zoos around the country so if you are traveling it might be something to do in a new place.
Here is a link to a listing of zoos in the USA to find your closest zoo; .

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