Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Our "100 things to do this Summer" List is complete

Photo: Our "100 Things to do this Summer" list is complete for 2014! Bring on Summer! 10 more school days.Our Summer List is complete and hanging up ready for school to be out for the summer. We are ready for some lazy days and some days free of lunchboxes, homework and projects. Can't wait to have lazy pj and movie days and do some projects we have been putting off since Christmas like using my son's Rock Tumbler. We also look forward to seeing friends that we don't see much during the school year and planning some day trips to check out local sites that are only open during the summer like Lake Eva Aquatic Center or we haven't been to before. Also, we always take advantage of the FREE summer movies and all the great summer programs offered at our local libraries.
Stay tuned to my blog for more fun ideas for summer activities and to see how many of our 100 things we actually accomplish (last year we did 85 out of 100)!

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