Monday, May 31, 2010

Take your kids to an ethnic market

Yesterday, we went to a Grand Opening of a new Oriental market in Brandon, FL. It is called M D Oriental Market.
The boys thought it was great because we saw so many new things that you don't see everyday in your ordinary grocery store.
In the produce section, we found so many new and different fruits and vegetables including a Jackfruit which my son Jack thought was cool. On top of finding fresh vegetables, there was many kinds of pickled vegetables to try.
The meat section was cool and gross at the same time. We saw pig's feet (including the leg and hoof), pig's intestines, stomach and uterus!! EWWW!! But the boys thought it was cool. We also saw packages of chicken's feet; claw and all; not sure what you do with those.
The seafood market was fun because they had tanks of live fish, shrimp, eel and more and the customers were picking things out and having them cut up right there in front of them.
I think it is fun to get out and check out new and different cultures and foods and we are blessed that our boys are usually adventurous eaters. So get out there in your own community and explore!!

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