Thursday, February 4, 2010

Rotating Toys

Has anyone ever put toys away and rotated toys in your playroom?
I guess I did it as an experiment. My youngest boys are 5 years old and not playing with some of their toys as much as they used to, but I wasn't quite ready to get rid of all the "younger" toys.
After Christmas, when they had so many new things to play with I organized the playroom and realized with all the new things we didn't have enough room for everything. Instead of getting rid of things I bought some big bins and put away some toys and thought to myself if they don't play with these toys for a predetermined amount of time ( which I never figured out how much time that would be) that at that time I would get rid of them.
Well, yesterday after the play room was cleaned up and you could actually see the floor the boys discovered a big bin of Little People toys and had the best time building a city and pretending with all the Little People cars, buildings and such. I guess "absence does make the heart grow fonder" even with toys...

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